Antique Pre 1900 “Selter” Herzogthum Nassau Mineral Water Bottle No.32

Antique stoneware German mineral water bottle dating from the late 1800’s. Bottle is incised with the words “Herzgothum Nassau” under an encircled lion and the words “selters” in an arch. (Selters is German for soda or seltzer.) On the back, it says in cursive “W. Nim 32.” This bottle was most likely imported from Nassau Selter Co. to the United States in the 1890’s, when mineral waters were popular as a cure all.
The bottle is in very good condition, especially considering its age.
The bottle stands 12″ tall and measures 3 3/4″ across the bottom. The opening is about 1″ wide. - Setlter Herzogthum Nassau pottery 2013-08-17 16.57.21 2013-08-17 16.57.38 2013-08-17 16.58.00 2013-08-17 16.58.26 2013-08-17 16.58.43 2013-08-17 17.01.02 2013-08-17 17.02.02 2013-08-17 17.02.22